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Told Ya, Almost a year to the day .., June 6, 2015Major troubles ahead ...
Wilmer Valderrama and DemiLovato,  as we know are dating. Not good. I wonder if she knows he's cheating on her. Has been since day one. Demi get rid of the prick. Before he breaks your heart. Like your Ex JB did.

Farage & Trump, Bromance ???

As Britain debates,  if they should stay in the EU, or not. This maggot, Nigel Farage,  so called leader of UKIP.
(United Knutter Party Pissheads) Is claiming, " That if Britain stays in the EU. There will be bodies on the beaches". What a Pratt......... For those of you not in the UK. Nigel is Britain's version of Trump. But without the money or class. He's in real danger on inciting riots.

He'd like that.... For those of you that think the above is my opinion, it isn't it's a prediction. Here's my opinion.

" Britain should never have joined the EU in the first place.  Having said that if they leave now, it would be the worst thing ever to it the UK"