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Showing posts from July 10, 2015

Another weird dream from my World ...

So at 4.40am 7/9/2015.
I awoke from a dream that is even weird for me.
I was in a a Penthouse either LA/NY full of movers and shakers in the World.
Everyone in the place wanted to talk to my "Gift" (normal for me).
But suddenly bags of drugs were everywhere.
As they were being opened.
I was trying to put them back in the bags.
I went into a major panic.
Next I saw Mel B.
(I am not saying she does drugs).
She was in a bad way.
As though she had been beaten up very badly.
Both bodily & mentally.
In the corner.
I saw a man I knew was her husband, 
Stephen Belefonte.
I also knew that he was the one,
behind her terrible state.
The feeling that this will only get worse, 
was overwhelming.

That was a very disturbing dream.

I have thought hard about putting this on my blog.

In the end.
I feel I have to.
I hope she gets to see this.
Or perhaps, someone.
Who sees this.
That knows her.
Can forward the link to her.

This is when my "Gift" is a "Curse" too.