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Reading Special

Monday 19th June to Midnight 4th July 2017 PST Due to popular demand. Here's The 4th July Special as follows. NORMALLY
Email Readings4th July Special
1 Question   $20  USD 1 Question   $10USD
3 Questions $50  USD  3 Questions  $25USD
6 Questions $80  USD 6 Questions  $40USD
8 Questions $100 USD8 Questions  $50USD(recent picture required)
  Send questions and photo to No readings sent till offer closes

Payable in advance by Paypal.
Send payment to: At
 They walk you through the process.

TOLD YA EVEN MORE and its a SUNDAY... Theresa May PM, 
must think we are all stupid.
The only reason that she called,  an Election in the UK. Isn't to do with Brexit. Or anything so....... ordinary. She did it to head off. A scandal that's about to break in the media. That will make the "Profumo" affair in the 1960's. Look like a trip to Disneyland. Keep your eyes peeled.....

TOLD YA.. Gold to FLY Very High