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Showing posts from December 5, 2016

Jesus, loves me, Ben says so.........

Well, seems"BabyFart"is on real romp today. He's named  DR Ben"I love the painting of me as Jesus"CARSON. As Secertary of Housing & Urban Development. So, all those HUD housing "Tenants" Had better start packing...... For those awaiting, a house or development under HUD. It's going to be a very long century.


So as "BabyFart" the  "Petulant Child/man". Continues his unleashed crazy behavior. His latest target being the Chinese via Taiwan. Causing all kinds of Diplomatic problems. Which is fast becoming a Tsunami. I can't wait to see what.  He's going to throw at the Italians. It's not going to be pretty. But in the "Trumpettes" World. His daughter is moving her shoe production. From one FOREIGN land, to another. Why, well to save her money. So much for American jobs.  Or even bringing back jobs to the USA. Say, I....... Time for the Flyover States to wake up.