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TOLD YA. 3 yrs Ago.
September 25, 2014
I do hope the powers that be,  have a good back up plan. In regard to the bombing of Isis in Syria. What they are doing is akin. To poking an hornets nest with a stick. There is way worse to come. Outside of Isis.. Outside of Syria...

EASTER SUNDAY, Oh the Irony, ha ha

I will be on the following radio show. Easter Sunday Midnight UK time,  till Easter Monday 1am.....
Sunday East Coast USA 7pm to 8pm
Sunday West Coast 4pm to 5pm "The Unexplained" 
with Howard Hughes, in the UK.
I have promised to try and behave myself,
 ha ha..............
Hope you enjoy it.....

Just for Easter. .It's still PR, people.

A journalist asks RP if he's going to marry, "Twigs". You can "See" his reply. But if you missed it. I'll translate. "NO"

Low class trash........ who claims to be "Spiritual"

Model & Spoilt BITCH, Naomi Campbell. Seen here in a "FUR" coat in NY. Shame she has no empathy,  so that she'd feel the pain,  of the "SKINNED ANIMAL". Oh Well, as her career continues to tank. She'll be able to pawn it no doubt. But, she about to find out. That the people that she trood on,  on the way up the ladder of fame. Will be waiting with glee,  to meet her as she decends.....