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TOLD YA. The Vatican "Gay Olde Tyme"
Thursday, December 31, 2015 A Tad Earlier than stated 2016 Predictions
Christian Dions’ Psychic Predictions 2016 (Composed in Hermosa Beach CA USA). (Completed Dec 29th 2pm PT) 37 THE VATICAN Just as it may seem that the NEW Pope. Has been getting things sorted. Along comes 2016. With it’s brand new & old scandals. This time the PR machine won’t get away with a cover up.


Many thanks one & all. For the amazing response. To the 4th July Offer,  now closed. The readings will be completed & sent out.  In the next few days. Please be patient.........

TOLD YA, A Picture is worth a MILLION WORDS....

Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Reincarnation, anyone ???? April 30th 1945  died June  14th  1946 born