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Showing posts from April 22, 2017

IN Heat, Ka Ching............

Oh, how "Sweet"........Kylie"for Hire" Jenner spotted,
holding hands with one Travis Scott. In the heat of Coachella..Now some people want to believe that they are, "DATING". 
Well, I have heard it called that before.
But, check the second line of this post.
That's nearer the truth......

TOLD YA, another of Babyfarts, GF's

This is Marine Le Pen,  the leader of France's National Front. She is so far right,  that there is no where else to go. Over the weekend,  she gained even more traction. These people are really crazy. Think Nazis.. They are about to gain even more power. (Same cloth as Babyfart)

One Week Left.........

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Ready for WORK.....or PLAY ?

Khole Kardashian, is eithe dress as the,  "Lady in Red" for a fancy dress party... Or, she's heading to work as a street walker,  on Hollywood Blvd. My bet is the latter. (Not the Day Saints version either). See, even her bag is open,  so she can grab the credit card reader quick.

Is it just me???

Something is "Off" with or in Jennifers life. She needs to take a very close look. At the people around her. Especially those that "Claim" to have her best interest at heart.. THEY DON'T... I fact there's a couple of them. Who have the complete opposite in their intentions.