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A thought............

Over the last three weeks in the USA alone. Five young Gay people have committed suicide. It has got to stop. People who use religion, as an excuse to call people who are different, for whatever the reason...... EVIL....... Are themselves the evil ones. If any of them happen to read this. I ask you to consider the following. Imagine that your only child, suddenly becomes very ill. So ill in fact, that you have to rush them to the emergency room.
The only Doctor who is able to help you and your child. Is a Flaming, Black, Stiletto wearing Drag Queen............. Do you still stick to your beliefs? Do you leave ? Do you let your child die ? Or do you suddenly see the light? Allowing the Flaming, Black Stiletto wearing Drag Queen Doctor, to use their God given gifts to save your Child.
But no doubt it'll take some brave sportsman to come out, while still active in sport. Fingers crossed that in the next two or three years. A "TRUE" gentle"MAN" will stand up for the young people…