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A Thought.......

Two American Presidents. Abraham Lincoln & John F Kennedy. Were shot in the head in public. Just months after they tried to  revamp the American Banking System. Beware Oscar has revenge in 2013.


Katy Perry soon to be Hubby,
Russell Brand..................
Is to be signed by American radio.
The deal is worth MILLIONS.......
Plus he'll be a massive hit.
If he signs. Mind you the marriage won't.

Short lived ring........

Megan Fox marries her beau
Brian Austin Green in Hawaii the other day.
She also lost the engagement ring,
in the sea............
Not a sign of Good Luck.
Baby in 2012.
Well at least they had a nice holiday in Hawaii.

Tears of a clown.........

Disgraced popstar & closet case I'm not Gay  Chris Brown,,,,,,
Broke down during his performance,
as part of a Michael Jackson tribute.
At the BET awards over the weekend.
What a pile of Bollocks.
He was just play acting, plain and simple. He needs to stay out of trouble in 2012. Or else............

Naughty Daddy........

Well. well looks like Beyonce,
is about to give her Dad the boot as her manager.
She found out that her Dad cheated on her Mum,
plus had a "Love Child" with his tart.
So he's out.......
Now watch how Beyonce's career,
get's a new lease on life.

High camp..........

George Hamilton is to do a reality/docusoap,
for the TV Land channel.........
It will be a hit......
It will be over the top.......
It will be camp......
It will be a laugh.......
At last humour back on TV.
Even if it is cable.

Here we go.............

As you may know. Today 26th is a lunar eclipse..... An interesting one. It is going to make the sensitive, more sensitive. People yes.... But also all things electronic, cellphones, computers, cars. As well as credit cards, debit cards, etc. Due to their magnetic strip. Make sure you put them in a safe place. Especially when you use them,  don't forget to put them back in your purse/pocket. If you use a card at the ATM, remember to take it back from the machine,  as well as picking up your money. We are entering a time, where we will be made, to be much more aware of our surroundings. Please take care of yourselves. We have to take more care of each other. We have to take more care of this spaceship, we call Mother Earth, (even though we don't treat her like one)  Beware friends,  Mother Earth may just decide to give us a few shakes. Not just in the usual places either. Along with some strong winds, 
she is really ready to show us. Who is really the boss.

Judge Who??

American Idol runner Up Clay Aiken. Wants Simon Cowell's old judging job. Personally I think one lesbian, on the panel is quite enough. I think either Lady Gaga, or Adam Lambert, should get the job  anyway. Randy Jackson needs to watch his back in 2012. As he is in real danger of getting the chop.  Then getting rehired.........

See ya in court...........

Joan Rivers ex manager Billy Sammeth is suing her. Seems he feels he was the one that, re launched her career......... He says that he was stiffed out of $180k. I can't wait to see this one in court. He'll loose........


"Bachelor" Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi
Have called off their engagement.
So the surprise is????????
He's a fame whore plain and simple.
I think there is more behind this.
Wonder if he's looking for a home,
in West Hollywood???

Secret will surface.................

As we approach the 1st anniversary, of the death of Michael Jackson. Over the coming weeks,months & years. We will see all kinds of crap will appear. However amongst all the jibberish, there will be one massive secret that, will come to light............
It has to do with the death scene.
What was there, then removed. It will change Jackson history...

Condom tales........

The father of, Spencer "THE PRATT" Pratt. Said on fathers day quote, "I wish I had worn a condom" What a wonderful father. As they say. "The apple didn't fall far from the tree" You can't make this stuff up. Can't wait to see what the reply, will be from "THE PRATT".........

Second Coming, don't think so..........

So today I watched a documentary, about "The Second Coming". Which featured three people, who believe that they are Jesus Christ. One was a Russian ex traffic cop, who dresses like the Bible version of JC. The second a Filipino who is raking in millions. The third a Brit living in London who is homeless. Personally considering the way we treated JC last time round. I can't see him wanting a return engagement. But even if the 'REAL" JC showed up again. We would treat him just like the documentary, treated the three people who were featured. Regardless...... JC isn't coming back people. Well not until...... We, loose all the fake religion stuff. Regain honest faith. Help each other. Then, maybe JC do a one time engagement.

Pot calling........London....

Look out London. Pretty boy "alleged" actor.... Chace Crawford is over there. He's probably looking for pot. He got busted a couple of weeks ago in Texas. Mind you if you were in Texas,  no doubt you'd need weed too. One good thing,  if he's high he may find his personality......

Who's the lady ?

Perez Hilton is defending himself. Re him publishing the not so flattering photo, of Miley Cyrus getting out of a car....... showing or not showing her ........... you know what. Regardless of his right or not. Let's hope someone in the Cyrus camp. Teaches Miley how to get out of a car, with grace. As well as teaching her grace, full stop.

HRH Queen........NOT............

Camilla the wife of Prince Charles.
Is blowing her top, and many other things.
as she sees the chance of her becoming,
Queen slipping away.
Well, Camilla it's going to get even,
worse for you.
Why? well the "Firm",
is planning to throw you out.
Without a pension.

New "Boobs"

Sarah Palin a boob job?
Who gives a ............
Shame she didn't get a brain transplant.
Mind you the two brain cells she has,
are still fighting for space in her head.
Maybe they can set up home,
in her new boobs.

Lunar Eclispe 26th June

A dear friend has asked me to take a look at the 
Lunar Eclipse which will happen,
26thJune 2010. But before I do. 
I have to make it clear that I am not an Astrologer.
So these thoughts won’t be ,
Astrologers point of view. It will be  a Psychic point of view. Now that’s clear here goes.
The Lunar eclipse on 26thJune 2010, 
is in fact one of two. The second, takes place on 21st December 2012……… Now that one rings a bell to a lot of people. As it happens to be on the very day, that the Mayan calendar ends.
Now I don’t believe that the World,
will end on 12.21.2012.
But I do get the feeling that from the 26th June 2010. Many things will start to fall into place that will set in motion. Many different, exciting and weird changes.
Some of which will make people very nervous …… So they should be. For far too long we have gone along a path of life, that has been far too mean and selfish.
We should take note, 
NOW....... The heavens are giving us a warning, along with an opportunity to begin to put things right…


Star of the Scissor Sisters Ana Matronic.
Is writing a Horror Comic Book.
You wait..
I sense it'll be made into a fabulous movie.
Making her more money then she's ever seen.....

A turning in a grave........

If the Jackson clan could get any weirder.
Well it's about to.
Joe Jackson is now blaming,
his wife Katherine Jackson.
For Michael's death.
I think he protesth too much,
to be honest. The rest of the family need to take special care of  Katherine Jackson in the summer and beyond of 2012.

Down low...........

So Ashley Cole, Cheryl's ex.
Has fallen for a pole dancing, stripper tart.
He met a few weeks ago.
Sounds like she's his level..
the gutter..........
I suppose he can only go up from there, though

Wait till Daddy finds out.............

Georgia Jagger, daughter of Mick.
Is said to be dating Luke Pritchard,
leas singer of The Kooks,
Well this won't last long,
once daddy get's to hear of it. Mind you he need talk, he used to date David Bowie.
Mick, may have, maybe still is "Wild"
But, different story for the off spring.........
2013 interesting year for Bowie. 

Silence is golden, Adam.........

So Simon Cowell,
isn't talking to Adam Lambert.
Surprise, surprise.......
Adam, you don't need Simon.
Just keep on the track you are on.
Much more stardom, ahead.......... Including fronting an established band....... Clue...... Lillibet.........

I'll beat you up.........

Britney Spears,  sexually harassed her bodyguard.
I can hardly type for laughing...........
What she's 125lbs dripping wet.
The bodyguard/ex cop 250lbs.
Can't wait  for this one to get to court.
He'll loose............
But 2012 is her year with a couple of surprises.
On a TV project.......


Looks like the Slimming Guru.
Richard Simmons,
has been "Outed"
In the National Enquirer....
Duh .......
Was it a slow news week.
Or did I miss something.
Must be old news week.

Although, troubling times are ahead.

Naughty boy, Ron.........

A psychic called Ron Bard.
Is telling Life & Style magazine.
That he is Brad's Psychic.
A NO NO..........
So unprofessional to tell who is a client,
to the media.
My prediction.
Ron will be "Persona Non Grata"
Oh well..........

Told Ya "Lindsay Clinky calling.........."

So it looks like Lindsay Lohan,
is going to jail.
A judge in L.A. issued a warrant.
For her arrest, because the alcohol bracelet.
Went "PING" at the MYV Awards.
Told Ya From Cannes to Clinky.... May 20, 2010 So the Judge has issued a warrant, for the arrest of Lindsay Lohan. Please God. Let this be the wake up call, that saves her life. Hopefully, locking her up will keep her father away too.

Told Ya, she'd be "Prattless:

See Heidi did wake up..
She has filed for divorce from the Pratt.
No let's see his real self, emerge........
It's going to be really nasty. Sunday, May 30, 2010
Soon Pratt "Less" Well,well, seems like Heidi Montag has awoken,
She's left the Pratt.
She's has realized that he isolated,
her from the right people.
What wonderful news.
Now let's pray,
she goes to the divorce lawyer on Monday.

Sir Elton........Not Sir Nice.....

Over the weekend.
Sir Elton John.
Played at Rush LImbaugh's wedding.
( for those of you outside the USA,  Limbaugh is a right wing nut job,  convicted drug addict, hypocrite)
I have a problem with two matters here.
1. It was Rush Limbaugh's 4th marriage.
So much for the sanctity of marriage.
As Limbaugh goes on and on, about keeping marriage pure.
He doesn't want to let everyone, have equal rights in marriage. But 2012 will prove to be good for CA equal rights.
Here he is getting married for the 4th time,  and not the last.
2. Sir Elton,  did you really need a million dollars, so badly that you played at this bigots wedding.
Even if you give the money to your foundation,  it's still not right. I say " Sell OUT " But 2012 will prove to be good for CA equal rights, the MTV Awards

Last night on the MTV awards.
Tom Cruise did some old fat guy character.
Of which the critics are raving.
I think I must have been watching,
another version of the awards.
He was crap.........
He was like an old bloke prancing around,
trying to be hip.
Oh wait he is an old bloke,
who prances around, trying to be hip.

Another not normal posting......

So in the US the media is blaming President Obama.
For the Oil spill.
Now last time I looked The Pres, doesn't own the oil rigs.
In this case BP does.
Just like all the other Oil owners,
they didn't & don't have a plan,
in place to put into action.
When such problems arise.
Now that is the fault of the government.
But not this one.
It's the one that signed off on the contract.
To let them drill.
I think that the oil rigs owners,
should be made to put a real plan together.
So that that will never happen again.
Before they are allowed to drill anymore.
We have to remember as does the media.
that it is the Oil Rig Owners that are making the BILLIONS.
Time to make them pay, even if it means shaming them into doing so.
That is the media's job............

WGT 2011

Simon Cowell, is to produce,
"The World's Got Talent" in 2011.
He says he'll get an audience of 300 million.
Simon such a small number.
It'll be nearer 600 million.
A Mega hit.

High Kicking Camp.........

Louie Spence, the camp dance star of the UK reality show "Pineapple Dance studio's" Is holding Sky TV to ransom, over money. The 1st season was a surprise hit. Louie was an even bigger surprise hit. So he says he wants a better fee. Good for him. Because whatever he ends up with. Sky gets more........ While he does all the work. Stick it out Louie. They'll cough up.

Will she,won't she ??????

Looks like the Spice Girls,
are planning a new album & tour.
The hic up........will Posh sign on?
I think so, it'll be a massive money maker.
If nothing else. But watch in 2012.......... Something very special. Then in 2014 Mel B needs to take great care....

Nose out........

Alex Reid, the new Mr Jordan.
Is saying that Jordan's Ex Pete.
Can visit the kids anytime he wants.
Why is the crossdresser saying anything?
It has nothing to do with him.
Jordan needs to put the kids 1st.
Everything else LAST.

Another, not so normal posting....

Today in Cumbria, in the North of England. A man went on a shooting rampage. Killing and injuring many people. For whom our thoughts go out. Not that I condone this man's behaviour. But no sane person does this. Even if the insanity is long term or fleeting. Over the coming days we will hear, that this man lost his family, lost his job, lost his business, lost his home. Then experts will say  " If he had come to us for help, we would have helped" No they wouldn't. If he lost his home the mortgage company would have said. "You have to pay" If he lost his business, the bank would have said. "You have to pay" This has to stop...... More and more people everyday are facing these issues. Through no fault of their own. Plus there are more and more to come. The powers that be, have to make it very clear, That there is help out there. Because if they don't...... Many more events. Like those today in Cumbria. Will take place. You can only pressure people so far. It is time to li…

Not a normal posting.....

Today I watched the Oprah Show, with Sarah The Duchess of York. OK so The Duchess has been an idiot. But this woman has balls. Many people have told her not to talk etc etc. But she did, no hiding away. I think it was the best thing she could have done. If the Royals looked after their own, of which she once was one. Of which her children still are. Then none of this would have taken place. Not that I am excusing her behavior, but it sure as hell, goes along way to explaining it. As for the "Friends" that recommended, that so called "Journalist" As a credible business man. ( He stole a real business mans identity,
hopefully the real business man,
will sue the journalist)
Need to be taken to task also. Personally I think that this is the best thing, that could have happened to the Duchess. As now she has a clean slate. Ironic how as this comes out, the Queen asks for a rise in her income. Maybe she could give Sarah a hand. But I doubt she will. Remember in the early part of the last ce…