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Future Famous FACE ..

This is 17 yr old Baggio Ali Walsh,  grandson of the late Muhammed Ali. He's just signed with a top model agency. Well he's clearly going to be a Star.

TOLD YA, Government SEX ...

Monday, December 8, 20142015 Predictions 2015 Predictions  Composed between  Nov 14th  noon & Dec 1st 7pm 2014 In Hermosa Beach Ca, USA.
152     UK sex scandal/Parliamentary sex ring.     Oh my god this is going to be front and centre for most of the year.      Once the real situation is revealed, which it will.     By a tabloid of course.     It will rock the government to it's foundation.    Just wait till it's revealed what Maggie Thatcher knew and did,     or didn't do.   Just wait till the truth about Edward Heath is revealed.    SHOCKING......

Yet another Direction........

So after his success of unveiling of his,  "Metal Armware". (Odd that it is armour speaks volumes) At the Met Ball. Zayn Malik wants to be a designer. Of what exactly. Does he really think that thesis things will sell. Just imagine airport security!! He needs to gett rid of the PR G/f. Time to refocus Zayn. You need to get PROFESSIONAL help. Not that of the PR team, who are only thinking of themselves and the bottom line. Which does not include you or your health,  in anyway.