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TOld Ya Casting call for wifey, April 30, 2010 Time to Cruise on out... OK, so no one else is going to say this.
Katie Holmes aka Mrs Tom Cruise.
Needs to get away from her current life.
Before she cracks up completely.
Under pressure of her husband
and the crackpots, that surround him.
From that cult he loves so much.
Because Katie he loves that cult,
more than he loves you ! Oh! just wait till the auditioning of his "Wives" comes to light. Posted by Christian Dion at

Not for long..........

The " Romance " between  Gerri (Ginger Spice) Halliwell  & not funny, funnyman Russell Brand. Won't last long enough for Gerri to have to think about a Xmas present. Gerri get rid of him, he's a bloody moron. Not to mention a cheater..........