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Told Ya and yet another cruise ship in trouble......
Wednesday, December 28, 2011 Not a good idea........... In April of 2012. A company called Titanic Memorial Cruises. Have chartered a cruise liner to follow the ill fated voyage of the Titanic a hundred years ago. Guess what it is fully booked and has been  for over a year. Tempting fate in such a manner. May just well lead to a repeat performance. A bad year for cruising all round. Posted by at Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Prayers Please........

Jason Russell the guy behind 
the Kony 2012 Invisible Children video.
Had a bit of a meltdown in San Diego 
the other day.
So people jumped to all kinds of conclusions 
that he's a fraud, on drugs blah, blah....
In time it will be proven that.
The powers that be, don't like what he has 
brought to light.
So they slipped him something, somehow.