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Told Ya Bye bye Jay........., February 28, 2010 Same tired old stuff..... So Jay Leno is about to go back to his  old time slot.
With the same old recycled stuff.
If he thinks that this is going to work.
He is going to be sadly disappointed.
But, maybe he won't.
As it’s been about the money all the time.
Gone by the end of 2014. Posted by at Sunday, February 28, 2010

House Of Cards take 3?

In the 1990's BBC television  created a TV series called " House of Cards " Which was recently remade by  American television. Some 23 years later. How prophetic. If the powers that be, don't pay more attention. They will find themselves with a third version  on their hands. However his time it won't be make believe,  it will be reality. The troubles that start will spread to Europe. Making what happened in the 1970/80's. Look like a child's tea party.