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Told Ya He's at it again....... CHRISTIAN DION The Seer's 2014 Predictions  Were written while staying  by  Cayuga Lake  Upstate New York,  just down the road from the entrance to  The Twilight Zone. (Completed Dec 19th 2013)
40  North Korea
So as he has just murdered his uncle and various other people including his ex-girlfriend there will be a bit of a quiet spell from this tinpot God. Watch Spring onwards for more sabre rattling. Plus a very close call, to the rest of the world when he very nearly presses the button. Then someone will step in and sort him out.Mind you he'll still keep knocking people off  left, right & centre. Even a couple of really close "loved" ones.

CD What is Putin up to?....

Please remember what Putin is doing. Isn't the behaviour of good people of Russia. Putin's recent bad behaviour, although terrible. Is a smoke screen of sorts. He has stolen so many billions of dollars, from the people of Russia. So they aren't getting the services that they need. Such as new schools and hospitals. He has had to create a diversion. So he is attempting to invade  the Ukraine and the Crimea. But he's heading for a fall. The people of Russia have had enough. He better watch his back.

She'll be back...

After her hit performance as Oscar Host. Ellen will be back for more.