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Told Ya I'll give her a week.........
Sunday, March 6, 2011 Oh yes you are .......... Lindsay Lohan...... Is telling her lawyer,  the judge & anyone  within ear shot. That she will  not accept jail time. Just how out  of touch can  this girl get. It's isn't up to you Missy....... The judge is the boss.. You will be going to "Clinky"

This is going to get very nasty.....
They better watch out........Monday 8th April 2013  So Ex Prime Minister BaronessMaggie Tatcher went home to the devil today. The real irony is that she thought she was in touch with the people...........Yet died at the have to laugh. The powers that be, better watch how they handle this. If they go too far the people will revolt. Posted by at Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I smell another song title

It seems Taylor "Tart" Swift is dating a surfer dude called John John Florence. Personally I think he looks like he should be behind bars. Well, we know it won't last. But if he's smart? He'll make her sign to say when they split, he gets a percentage of the royalities.