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Showing posts from April 23, 2014

It's going to get very nasty.....

So many of you have asked what I think about this latest Hollywood Gay Sex ring. Well I think any kind of sex abuse is terrible. But when they also steal the dreams of these young people that's evil. Of course those accused are denying the charges. But the truth will come out. (excuse the pun) Trust me you are going to be shocked to the core. When you find out some of the other names. This has been going on for years. About time these monsters were brought to justice.

Good times ahead, but beware the bump.....

Just the other day I was walking,  Lady Gaga by the beach. It was very early and quiet. As I was passing a very nice hotel. There on the balcony was a gentleman. Who looked familiar. As I walk past on the way home. I realised it was Jeremy Renner. He has great times ahead career wise. But a bit of a bump personally. Just goes to show. You never know who you will see. Or where.