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Told Ya, One way to get rid of her.
Thursday, March 3, 2016Well at least he's called Egor.

So just when you thought the coast was clear. Lindsay Lohan 29 yr old reappears. This time she's dating a Russian born,  London based Estate Agent,  22yr old Egor Tarasov. Well, it's one way of getting discount on a flat,  ha ha. Let's see, won't get to the fall.

For our Jewish Family

Happy Holidays

FOX of course.....

I know that the other day. I said that the World,  wouldn't come to an end last Friday. But. I may have to change my mind. In 2017........... Two of the biggest shithead famewhores,  in the World. RHOBH Brandi Glanville & Joe Simpson,  Jessica Simpson Dad/Manager/Chicken Hawk. They are going to Star in  "My Kitchen Rules". If it gets to the first episode, they'll be lucky.