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TOLD YA, Keep it in the "FAMILY", January 30, 2014Something cooking...... Brit superchef Gordon Ramsey,  has been a little quite of late. But don't worry. He's about to experience major upsets,  both financially and business wise. He deserves all that the Karma Gods can deliver.


All that Glitters, is not GOLD

February 10, 2017

So "Babyfart" is all at 6s & 7s.
Seems he's not too pleased.
That his daughter Ivankas fashion line.
Is being dropped left, right & centre.
Oh dear.
What a to do.
Well, that's what happens, when the truth is out.
Can't wait for the other shoe/s to drop.

As "WE" Remember...

I swear "THEY" are the same person