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A Tad Earlier than stated 2016 Predictions

Christian Dions’
Psychic Predictions 2016
(Composed in Hermosa Beach CA USA).
(Completed Dec 29th 2pm PT) 

As many of you know for the past few years. 
I have done Predictions for the year ahead.
Some Funny.
Some Not.
Some Serious.
Some Crazy.
Some Sad.
Some Fluff.
Well, this year things are little different.
As we know 2015 was a little rough,
 to say the least.
So in light of that.
There is no way.
With a clear mind/Spirit.
That I can do that this year.
As the things that I have been seeing.
Are too….. AWFUL.
To be able to do the normal.
So what follows.
Is more like a letter to 2016,as well as to the people of this Planet.
To tell, what I see.
To hope that someone,
 somewhere will take.
Perhaps just a little notice.
So that maybe.
Along with prayer, & good thoughts.
can change what, is ready to blossom.
In the year to come.
Perhaps, giving us all a breathing space.
To perhaps work together, 
instead of against.
So with that, and fingers crossed.
Here goes.

“If we would but realize.
That Religion, is only a chair.
At the table of Faith.
That we can either have,
 a Feast of Fulfillment.
Or, a Food Fight.
There are many nasty, terrible things.
Ahead, if we don’t change the menu, 
in 2016 and beyond.
So awful in fact.
It will make the sad events, 
carried out in 2015 in the name of God, Allah etc…
Look like a chimpanzee’s tea party”.

We have an election ahead in 2016 in the United States of America.
I have as you know already predicted since President Obama, 
was elected first time around,
That Hilary Clinton would win, if she ran.
Which she is, so that we know.
But, what I didn’t see that far back.
Was the hatred that is being stirred up.
It’s going to get even worse.
Those of you that read my blog.
Will also know that for a long time,
I said that Donald Trump.
Is in danger of winning
the GOP nomination.
But that he wouldn’t get to the Whitehouse.
Well there’s a couple of “bullets” 
with his name on them.
I know that “He” won’t listen to me.
Why the Hell should he.
But that’s the way it is at this moment.
The terrible attacks,
 that were carried out  in Paris.
(Predicted as you know in the 2015 predictions)
Are but the beginning of many more.
France is particularly, but not only,
the target of these monsters.
On a side note.
I see these so called “Christians” saying all kind of things about the monsters that did these things.
They need to look in the mirror of History, to remember, not long ago, Hitler.
A little further back.
The Inquisition.
Nice bunch of blokes they were.
But if you think that for one moment Donald Trump.
Is in anyway the worst of the bunch,
think again.
There are plans from within the GOP to go after Hilary Clinton,
With such hatred, you won’t believe, 
it unless you hear it.
Mind you all she has to do is to sit back.
Carry on knitting, and let them get on with it.
But the really sad part of all this trash,
Is that it is going to give rise, to the 
re-emergance of the KKK.
Not good.
There are also going to be many more mass demonstrations all across the USA.
These will grow and  grow in numbers, as the year progresses.
Even in cities that so far have been avoided.
I’m afraid that the killing of Black men by the police.
Shows no sign of slowing down,
If anything,
Speeding up.

There are as I mentioned above many more attacks, in the pipeline.
At least, 
six in the USA.
Many more, 
that we won’t hear of as the powers that be,
Will stop them.
The UK won’t get away lightly either.
In fact although they won’t have as many attacks that are successful,
The numbers of injuries will be higher.
Not just in London either. These monsters are looking at the Midlands and the North to make their voices heard.
Canada needs also, to keep a sharp eye out on their West Coast.
Plans are a foot to make them sit up and take notice.
They also haven’t finished with France.
They see the 2015 events as a bit of a failure.
I feel that they will go for Paris of course.
But the are about to spread their terror in the coming months.
They also intend to make the people of the Nordic countries, feel the wrath of their ideas and hatred.
Germany in particular, is under their planning wing.
They want to make the German people truly bleed.
They intend to really go for the Airlines this year.
No matter what security, the airlines feel that they have in place it.
Will do little to stop them.
They intend to bring down an airliner a month in the coming year.
Some of the carriers they attack will be obvious, but others, will raise many eyebrows.
Australia is also  under the magnifying glass of distractions.
A couple of big hits in Sydney, with others to follow.
They also have a plan to see just how many Heads of Countries that they can in someway do damage to.
The World will be terribly shocked with just how successful that will be.
We shouldn’t just be looking at the single men theory, or lone wolves.
Married couples will top the list.

Wall St and the rest of the money World.
Better enjoy their bonuses from 2015.
Because they won’ be getting them in 2016.
Major turmoil and shake ups are ahead for these people.
They have had the warnings from the Universe.
That they should be a little more giving to those who have much less.
But no.
They carry on in the same old way.
OK, then.
Fate will deliver them another wobble.
Remember 1929.
OK, have your laugh now.
But you’ll soon have the smile wiped from, your arrogant faces.
So many more people will be living near or below the bread line.
Around the World by 2016 that
you will start to see.
The vibrations from the bottom of the pile.
Start to reverberate upwards.
Causing all kind of changes to be made. 

I know that in the closing months of 2015.
In Europe the leading countries of the World signed, or at least agreed to sign.
To try to do something about Global Warming.
But they better.
They have two years to get this in motion.
we are in very real danger.
Of once again destroying ourselves,
in ways.
That make what Moses did.
Feel like a day at the Water park.

For sure make it a point to have your brollies and wellies ready.
The winter is going to be terrible.
The West Coast of America needs water.
Well they are going to get it along with way more than they can handle.
Much of the World is going to see the weather turned upside down for the next couple to years at least.
Terrible floods.
Terrible times.
But, the upside of this, I feel is.
That it will make those that think Global Warming is a joke,isn’t.
Mother Nature is really pissed.
She’s on a rant to wake us up.
Please, my we listen.
Asia will have a terrible time weather wise in the coming year.
Truly awful.

Earthquakes loom large in 2016/7.
I also feel that we here in California, better get our act together.
I also sense that the next hurricane season will be not at all kind to us.

Well, they may find that the internal trauma that is about to befall them in 2016.
Will put an end,to  in a small way.
the trouble that they have been trying to stir up outside their borders.
Some good news.
Watch the trouble, to come with the Islands that they are “Building”.
The other trouble bubbling.
Is the near complete, crash of the money market there.

Or should I say Putin.
He’s going to be worse, he’s truly in the middle of major mental issues.
Which I feel will come to a head.
(Pun intended)
In 2016.
Therefore at last bringing his reign of terror close to the end.

Even amongst all this dismal stuff that is ahead of us in 2016
India is going to rise from the ashes to prove herself as a World power.
However her leader needs to take extra care as there are those that are planning a couple of assassination attempts in the coming year.
Won’t be successful.
But will be spectacular.

A totally different story there.
Rumblings within the government plan a take over of sorts.
That will cause many other neighboring countries.
To be very rightfully worried.
I feel that his will lead to various conflicts in 2016/7.

There is going to be a lot of killing in and around Turkey.
So much so that it will make their friends.
Take needed action, to help them.
Russia will also cause more trouble for this country.
Making the already wobbly relationship, very much worse.

If you think the recent UN proposal to get talks going, is going to work.
Think again, it’s going to get way worse.
The idiot in charge has no idea of going quietly, in anyway shape or form.

The government is in for,
a truly rough year.
In fact it’s so bad that if it survives,
it’ll be a miracle.
Even at the cost of it’s leaders.
The troubles that will come from mass demonstrations, along with the terrorist attacks.
Are going to make for a very busy time for 
No 10 Downing St.
They will be glad to close the door.

Well these two are going to be even worse with each other,
than they have been in recent years.
It will get to the point that it will come so close to someone nearly pressing that 
Other major powers will have to threaten very harsh responses to put a stop to it.

This tinder pot will go Big Bang in 2016/7.
The Taliban has plans for next year that are terrible.
I feel that the drug trade that they deal in,
will bring them even more cash, allowing them to do even worse things.

Just when you thought that this God forsaken place could.t get any worse.
It does in 2016, blood bath of terrifying numbers.
As Isis good completely nuts.
Bringing death and destruction to many including their own.

This coming year and the next will bring much more  of the clustering earthquakes.
Including at least six big ones.
Sorry to say California or turn is nigh.

With even more trouble from Putin, there is going to be a return to the previous violence.
Only much worse than before.

Don’t let the so called warming of relations with Iran fool you.
Due to the recent words from the USA.
Iran is going to start being naughty again.
There terrosts are going to take revenge on the USA.

So much trouble will come to light in the coming year.
To such a point that the Royal Family,
Will be forced to bring in major changes.

The refugee situation that has been the headlines in 2015.
Will be even worse in 2016.
Not until a proper effort is made by the powers that be.
Then nothing will change or stop the situation.
Many more people will be allowed to die by drowning and worse.
Until those on the far right.
Start to takes things into their own bloody hands.

This tinpot despot is in a pout.
So he’ll be stamping his feet,
very loudly in 2016.
He’s upset at all the PR the other thugs around the World, are getting.
So he’s planning mischief and mayhem.
Not good for South Korea, for sure.

Many troubles ahead in 2016.
Major government fail.
Leading to masses in the streets.
Also they will be terrorist troubles .
Worse than in the previous years.
Due to ISIS.

Most of the predictions,
are too dark to print.
The terror that is going to reign down across Europe.
In a word.
Will be spectacular.
It will be the worse troubles,
since World War II.

Another year of wild weather swings.
Along with at least two terror attacks.
Plus a couple that will be blocked.
Leading to the discovery of one of the biggest terror cells ever found.

Seems the main trouble here is the amount of earthquakes.
Sorry to say.

Its great to see a Brit on the space station.
But I get the feeling that there will be a major problem, onboard.
Which will be much worse than first thought.
Causing grave doubts about its future.

The government here is going to have to be very carefully.
Regarding the economy.
I feel that is about to go down the toilet.
Bringing chaos.

Russia is going to cause trouble  here too.
Plus the government is heading for a fall.

Sad to say.
Two terrible events.
One man made.
One due to mother nature.

He and his subjects need to take a good look at the future.
The country is about to undergo a revolution.
That will start in 2016.

Not good.
Many turbulent events in the coming year.
Much worse than the last few years.
As well as many leaders will loose their grip.

Sad to say the drug trafficking problem is going to get worse.
As well as the violence will be greater than ever before.
Leading to the USA taking drastic action.

There are so many of these events in 2016.
There isn’t room to list them.
The really sad part is.
That these events will speed to Europe due to idiot copy cat morons.

A we know that Napal had a big earthquake last year.
Just as they start to recover.
There’s an even bigger one to come.

Seems that the powers that be not only in the UK & USA, but in other countries.
Are about to give us a bumper crop.
Including at least one, that will bring down the government.

Just as it may seem that the NEW Pope.
Has been getting things sorted.
Along comes 2016.
With it’s brand new & old scandals.
This time the PR machine won’t get away with a cover up.

A complete mess.
That’s if they even happen.
Plus at least two major attacks.
The security will be worse than useless.

These monsters have in a way, of late.
Had the spotlight taken from them by ISIS.
Which they don’t like.
But that won’t stop them from not so much joining forces.
But they will for sure be sharing information.
As well as tactics.

Very sad to say, much, much more of the same as the last couple of years.
If not worse.

These monster will gain traction in 2016.
Due to the present terrorist madness.
But what you have to remember that they are way worse than them.
Don’t fall for their nonsense.

Well, we all know that this place is full of corruption.
We are almost at the point that nothing surprises us anymore.
Well, don’t hold your breath.
It’s going to be a tough year in that town.

This year will bring many demonstrations against the power base in China.
As normal China will at first bury their heads in the sand. Then the riots will get worse.
Then China will attack.
But this time they won’t win.

Is in for a real upheaval in the coming year.
Part from a major government fail.
There will be the attacks on tourists.
Ruining, that business for years.

There’s no surprise to say that this country in a rough place.
Well, guess again there’s much worse to come in the coming year.

Such a bad time they had in 2015.
But just as they feel that they are getting themselves back on their feet.
2016 is going to crush all that.
Making problems there. Worse than anyone can see.

Will be licking it’s wounds all year long.
So much scandal to be revealed.
TMZ are going to be very busy

Sad to say that there are those in Ireland. That are planning to revive the troubles.

Stock nd shares are in for their roughest year ever.
Shaking the Company to the ground.

Remember 1929.
Well buckle your seat belts it’s going to be  a very bumpy ride.

On good bit of news maybe.
On Dec 16th 2015.
I became an American Citizen.


Love Immersion said…
Christian, thank you! Thank you for sharing your gift & raising awareness. I will take some time tomorrow on New Years Eve & read each one individually & imagine/feel the opposite of your prediction so I can do my small part in raising the vibration & manifesting a more positive outcome. I invite all to join.
To you Christian & all your leaders: Happy New Year! May it be filled with health, happiness, laughter, good people and love!
Love Immersion said…
**to all your Readers
NicQuerica said…
Grim news all told. But thank you Christian for telling us what's going down. I guess all we can do is brace ourselves.
Congratulations on your new citizenship though! :-)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the Chicago area update, luv you CD!
Anonymous said…
wow! Awesome, you are amazing man, Please keep up the good work you do. Amazed with the accuracy.

You still think JEB BUSH will be nominated? But NOT WIN?
Anonymous said…
Halleluja! Let's pray and change.
Anonymous said…
Oh no, I love the Hollywood fluff predictions :-(
Anonymous said…
Louis said…
Have wonderful year Christian....just remember it's always darkest before dawn, and what will be, will be.

Keep your spirits up, and if all fails there's ways a Mars bar and a good bath!

God bless!
Patrick Ganley said…
This is all very upsetting. We've been on the wrong track since W got elected, probably longer. I guess maybe we need to hit rock bottom for things to change.
T. W. said…
That is a good idea.
T. W. said…
Just read up to the first point and had to comment.
Black people: stick together and don't go out alone. Don't even give the appearance of evil so the police won't have an excuse to shoot and get away with it. I am talking to myself.

Hillary: take the high road and let them talk.
Mariefass said…
I wish I could disagree with you,but I can't. You are spot on. Keep using your voice for the people. Even though you might feel like a voice in the wilderness, keep on shouting!!!! People need to wake up and realize that on so many fronts they are being duped by the various powere that be.God Bless You.
Anonymous said…
So random: will there be a breakthrough with the student debt situation? Of course it can all tie in with Wall Street, but curious if see something with that.

Thanks for this and have a great new year!
Anonymous said…
Congrats on becoming a citizen
USA USA baby!!! Haa
T. W. said…
God has blessed America with you Christian. I am very happy you have been granted citizenship. As for the predictions, thank you for warning us. Things can change with prayer and the right people seeing this.

Happy New Year everyone!
Erika Byrne said…

CD. Thank you for your gift. Thank you for being brave. We need it now. We can only pray and keep hoping that all of us direct our energy toward love, light and God. May Spirit keep us all safe in the most turbulent times. Whilst this saddens me it provides such an opportunity to prepare and maybe even allow humanity a minute to change its path....sadly I am not sure this will happen.

On a personal note I want to wish everyone a better way for 2016. I send my love and friendship to all the special friends on this forum. Thank you for such funny, kind, generous thoughts. I wish you enormous love, blessings and light in the coming year and pray Spirit keeps you close and safe.

CD. Congratulations on your citizenship. A truly special gift.

God bless us all in 2016. Amen
Anonymous said…
CD, are you doing a mass list of celebrity predictions as well?
T. W. said…
Hi all. DWH tells me she dreamt ISIS came in through Canada posing as Mexicans, Indians,etc. They bombed all towns big and small and it was quite terrible. Christian, we are wondering if this is what you saw. We are praying this does not come to pass.
Congrats on the citizenship! :-) LOVE that prediction picture of you, very cool! Thank you for all that you do for us. Will try to stay positive and prayerful despite the grim outlook!
Anonymous said…
Please CD, I love the celebrity predictions as well, are you still doing these???
Jill Shillaw said…
Blimey!!!! Should we all just take the "cool aid" now?
Anonymous said…
I am black
I got stopped by a cop
I was respectful when he asked me why I was doing 100 in a 55
I said I just wanted to go home
He said thanks for being respectful shook my hand and gave me a lesser ticket
A wrong turn or something stupid
Yeah he was white
I am talking to myself
I'm going to go out alone everyday
I have to every day
I work in NYC
Turn fear into hope

Anonymous said…
I am black
I got stopped by a cop
I was respectful when he asked me why I was doing 100 in a 55
I said I just wanted to go home
He said thanks for being respectful shook my hand and gave me a lesser ticket
A wrong turn or something stupid
Yeah he was white
I am talking to myself
I'm going to go out alone everyday
I have to every day
I work in NYC
Turn fear into hope

Sarah said…
Yes, CD, we need those snarky celebrity predictions! They bring us joy! Come on! I need to hear about the Royals!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on your citizenship!!

Even though the predictions are not great I hope we all make it through to see brighter days!

Thank you!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on your American citizenship! I am happy you chose to stay in my country.
Your 206 predictions...I am praying for all.
Anonymous said…
Thank you CD for all that you do.

I suppose for the California folk you could not narrow the scope of the quakes for us?
And for the coming fiscal year do we need to start growing "victory" gardens?

Also, for the coming election, there is no part of me that wants to vote for Clinton OR Trump.
I wish there were more wisened folk on here that remembered Hillary's (and Bill's) history with a clear head. Both Trump AND Hillary are despicable people. If you were young adults in the seventies and eighties in this country you would not be singing Hillary's praises, you would be throwing out pathological liar, arrogant, egotistical, a mental and physical abuser, power hungry(almost to the point of being manical) and someone that is trying so very hard to revise her history as if an evil twin was her puppeteer and she had no recollection of what she was doing, especially to Bill's victims. I hope they start to come forward to refresh our memories of the horror they went through when Hillary went to work on them. So for me, the ammo that the GOP will use against her is her own personal history. Her own history is a gold mine for them and it's not even buried treasure. It will be very easy for them to cull from the ground and start lobbing. There is a reason she does not hold un orchestrated press conferences. She goes ape if she is caught out on her stuff and just might have to answer for her bag of diabolical tricks. And just so you know, Hillary likes to throw things. She is an abuser of many sorts. So do not sob for Hillary, she did not sob for Bill's many, many victims. In fact, it was clear that she loathed them for the trouble THEY caused HER. It chaps my hide that she is fooling so many of the young ones. You do know that Bill and Hill were Republicans, right? They switched when they found out they wouldn't get enough of the votes in certain areas being Republicans. It was not an altruistic decision, it was very, very calculated, and calculating they are, to a tee.

God help us in 2016
Anonymous said…
CD love your new pix.

Also, thank you for the courage to share all this openly. And for the effort you make to put all of this down for us. Can't be easy for you to have seen all of this, so thanks again.

I hope most of the nasty stuff doesn't happen, but knowing your accuracy rate sadly it all mostly will I guess.

When is India's population issue going to come under control? Potential Superpower or no, uncontrolled population growth anywhere is a major drain on global resources. Appreciate any thoughts on this CD. Thank you.

To everybody, have a safe 2016.

cecilia bryant said…
Thank you CD. Instead of posting about celebrities, you told us about the world and how much pain and trouble She and we will be in 2016. And I am so grateful that you did because the world needs to wake up and realize that we can't go down this path and Mother Earth is alive and well and has her own will. I was getting teary eyed at your intro. All this superficial stuff is not important. Yes it is great to hear about it (I recall I told you I come to read your stuff to see who is good and who is bad in the industry, let me not be a hypocrite. I have my curiosities too.), but the state of our planet is much more serious. And I'm glad we are going to have a lot revealed to us. What is hidden in the dark must come to the light (plus I was having images of secrets being revealed and the Hacker group Anon. came to mind and a thought crossed my mind of our government not taking these global warming agreements seriously). I believe those of us that are drawn to your predictions are being enlightened and that we have a part to play on this planet. We all have a part to play.

Thank you CD. Congratulations on your American Citizenship. Hopefully I'll see you on tv telling people about your predictions! Happy New Year CD! Happy New Year everyone!
cecilia bryant said…
Oh I forgot to mention. Archangel Raphael did mention to be on the look out for leaders who promoted unity.
Anonymous said…
Congrads on your american cizitenship I'm soooo proud of you. Thank you for sharing these and I cannot wait to see what happens next year-Kate
Speak truth loud and proud! Thank you for the 2016 predictions I will be keeping up daily on your blog. As always God bless and keep you and congratulations on your citizenship!
Anonymous said…
I'm done for the day. Guess I will stay in bed next year. Love n grace to all next year. Sign dw
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for these predictions. Upsetting as they are, and they really are, especially the ones concerning urope and the Nordic countries, and of course, the UK, I am going to be spending as much of my time as I can thinking positively and sending out good healing and happy vibrations.
T. W. said…
True. I go out alone too. I was thinking there is safety in numbers but I realize not everyone has that luxury. Thank you for sharing your story.
T. W. said…
Thank you for this. I am in my 30s but I have heard some stories.
T. W. said…
Hi dw. Don't stay in bed. Get out and let your light shine.
T. W. said…
Dear friends, we must all let our light shine.
jane uk said…
Thanks CD i live in midlands , will prey. Great photo of you. Please for you becoming a U.S.A citizen. Happy New Year to you and everyone else.
Anonymous said…
Dear Christian, Thank you so much to predict for! May I ask whether we even celebrity news get for the whole 2016? I wish for all of us - in spite of everything - health, happiness and a safe 2016!
Anonymous said…
Super congrats on your citizenship milestone, CD. I love this country of mine, in spite of its obvious missteps of late. Glad and grateful you are here with us. Thank you for your bravery which allows us to pray together in earnest for light to soothe our souls and counter the darkness in our midst. My brother sent me this recently. I thought I'd share it here to lift up our spirits...
~ Johanna ~
Anonymous said…
Friends, I'm ready to be a spiritual warrior with you! To Protect and Serve.

CD, my mom became a citizen after 40 years of legal alien status in the US. She escaped from Nazi Germany as a teenager. I helped her study for citizenship, and she took it very seriously. She tried to memorize the correct answer for anything that might possibly be on the test. When she passed, and went through the ceremony, she became one of the proudest American citizens ever, because she knew what evil could do to a country and it's people.

You earned it buddy by passing that test. It's darn hard! Drinks are on me if we ever cross paths.

Before my mom left Germany, a fortuneteller told her the country she was going to would forever be at war.
Anonymous said…
I've been "told" metaphysically that what we've seen and will continue to see 2015-2017 is simply the physical fallout from a spiritual battle, WW3, that has been going on in the spiritual realm since 1993. The forces of good recently won the spiritual battle, but the residual evil forces here on earth will not go quietly. That is why it's going to get worse before it gets better. We're marching into the Age of Aquarius, and thus will eventually experience world peace (but probably not within our lifetime, unfortunately).
Iloverescuedogs said…
My family is from the UK (though I'm American born) and love hearing another one of us is over here. We're also in Southern California (OC). Congrats on becoming a citizen. That test is a doozy. 🇺🇸
Anonymous said…
I just finished reading the predictions. You are a brave man to put yourself through what it took to bring those to the world.

Gratitude and blessings.

If you ever get the tiniest inkling that ISIS is going to be squashed, please share. I'll take it as gospel.
Anonymous said…
Thank you CD for all these predictions. Happy new year to you and all your readers.god bless you.
Anonymous said…
Hi CD, thank you for doing it this way this New Year's Eve, I really understand, you've been clear about the darkside and inspiring in your messages about faith and love for each other. Congratulations on becoming a US Citizen and sharing a stunning picture of YOU. Be well for all times, you are loved so much, LH, London,
PS HAPPY NEW YEAR to all, no fretting, one day at a time and keep faith in each of us making a positive difference in this world with kindness too!xx.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on your citizenship CD!! I couldn't sleep last night after reading your predictions. The world felt like a dark dangerous place, but the good news we can all pray and destroy some of these evil plans.
You are right.I think it must be karma.
That corrupt policemen from Washington:
This is not teror but karma.They have this stupid religious philosopies like from 14 century.Inquisition.They are not victims of teror.
Loveisall said…
This is very heavy to read, but I will keep praying and asking my angels to help in this battle. I've had a very heavy and horrible 2015, and I was hoping 2016 would bring happier times, but I seeing it will be something we have to fight for which is upsetting. Congratulations on your citizenship Christian!! God bless you, and all friends here xx
Anonymous said…
Happy new year T.W
Let's stand strong and get "ours" regardless..
Anonymous said…
The civilians and noncombatants that are being murdered in the Isis/AQ TERRORIST attacks are certainly not suffering karma. That anyone would excuse or defend these atrocious attacks appalls me.
Anonymous said…
2016 looks sad.
And I am FLIPPING out because my landlord is very pissed at me for delaying the sale of his building.
Can you see if he is going to SUE me?!!
-Broke Girl
Anonymous said…
A bumper crop of sex scandals (number 36)?
That made me laugh out loud.
Brace yourself World there's going to be a bumper crop of sex scandals in the coming year and it could be some of your favorites!
If you weren't a psychic Christian you would be one the funniest comedians on the planet.
Anonymous said…
I have to say I was surprised, and not surprised by the content here. I lost a child years ago, and each day on her birthday in late December, I walk the beach-weather permitting. This year was like no other. The deep sadness typically present was replaced by hope for what is to come in the next year. There was a cautious optimism. Maybe it was just a peek into my individual circumstance, and not that of mankind as a whole. Or maybe it was there to show that it is darkest just before dawn. In any case, I will pray for all of us. CD, welcome to the US. Congratulations!
Anonymous said…
They say the future isn't written in stone ... can we change this? If we can what steps do we need to take. What can we do to reverse this? I do not want to see Europe destroyed or the UK, my country .... nor witness any more mass slaughters of innocent people .. what can we do? What do we need to say to our politicians? How can we halt this and actually stop it coming to pass.
Anonymous said…
Ugh. Is Christian going to do a vapid set of predictions?
I need my light and fluffy to counteract all this depressing news.
It's a very Ying & Yang thing.
The rest of the internet is so depressing.
I loved Christian's Gossipy Hollywood angle news.
CyndiTx123 said…
Thank you CD for all of your predictions, because we know it took a lot out of you. Peace and blessings for our Country USA and of course all countries. Prayers for Peace world wide. Happy New Year 2016 with a white light surrounding us all for protection. Hugs & Love!!
Karma or punishment from God.Yes it is.I wtote about that corrupt USA police and politics.That are not victims of teror.
Anonymous said…
Many thanks, Christian, for all the hard work you do to keep us informed. I come by every day to see the latest, and I know when YOU get dark, we're all headed for it -- but we CAN stop it from hitting us at the doorstep through positive light, love, and HUMOUR!! The Christian Dion way!

Many Blessings to Everyone -
Karma or punishment from God:yes:corrupt and false policemen or politician from Washington are not victims.There are wicked people and not all are "victims of teror".
It could be cancer or moslems:they are victims of "punishment from God".I am not writing about people from street.
T. W. said…
Happy new year to you too.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Christian....we welcome you with open arms!! Thank you for the predictions. Wow. This is sad news, especially about the KKK types getting traction, all terrorism and attacks that will cost many lives. I only hope we in the U.S. start being able to take in the least the children, if nothing else.

Happy New Year,
Anonymous said…
disappointed there are no celebrity predictions this year so why is that?
Christian Dion said…
Did you read the introduction to the predictions CD
Anonymous said…
I am more concerned about Russia and what they are going to do.
Anonymous said…
Not the OP but I read introduction but you didn't post names of celebs and predictions for them.I don't think that predictions for Hollywood could be awful.
Anonymous said…

I don't think most people like Hilary Clinton as she is deceitful. Shame Bernie Sanders can't become president - as the most progressive candidate. Trump is wacko - so glad he will not be in the White house.

Anonymous said…
Anon 7:13

Even Jesus would have a hard time of it in politics, since he partied with whores, internal revenue agents, and twelve guys. And then there's the assault and battery, and destruction of property charges. And the so-called reformed prostitute who was his Significant Other All of this when brought to light would have doomed him from the get-go in a run for public office.

Everyone has dirty shirttails. Bernie's is just tucked in and hidden for the moment...
Maureen said…
Thanks for posting CD. It must have been difficult to deal with all the negative energy. Seems like we are in the rock bottom phase before things turn around. I really appreciate the one about Saudi Arabia as the House of Saud has much to answer for. Some economists predict bankruptcy in 5 years as oil is so low. I'm rooting for the women to rise up and give payback and the theocratic elite to take a big fall.
I think Turkey is in for a messy time as there is so much evidence they are supporting ISIL.

To all those disappointed that CD did not do entertainers news, he is not likely to stop issuing news on a daily basis. Maybe there will be a Part 2 to the predictions like last year. Or not. Hope 2016 is a good year for you despite world events.
Maureen said…
Would love Bernie to get in the WH as President. He's the sanest person out there. Hillary is going to stir up a lot of hate. More than Obama although she won't hold back on retribution. It shames me the outrageous slings and arrows that O has had to suffer for being Black. He has held up well considering everything. The deck is stacked against Bernie as the big money is going for Hillary. Pity. Still I look at Bernie and he doesn't look healthy to me.

CD- you said bullets for Trump. Are you talking a shooting, or him shooting himself in the foot? Maybe both.
Maria said…
I am sad. We are a mess and too many innocent people are caught in the middle. The natural disasters we can't avoid. I understand. But do we have to add to our own miseries? Looks like we will.

Thank you for your predictions and for caring so much about the state of the world, CD. I like the community you've created here. I love the new photo too. And congratulations for becoming a U.S. citizen! I just saw "Citizen U.S.A." on HBO recently and it was really moving. I know it's a big decision.

I'll be in touch for another reading very soon.
Mercury said…
Well, I hope race relations get better in the future.
Jessica Mezo said…
Congrats on becoming an American Citizen!
Jordan said…
Some very interesting predictions here. Thank you for sharing your insight on this coming year.
Ask Helen said…
I had a good read. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing your predictions :)
nico123 said…
CD is the weather pattern for El Niño over? Nothing disastrous happened, but California is still in a SERIOUS drought

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