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Deleted Prayers Thank You Angela A

Prayers for San Francisco:
T. W. said… Dear God, I thank you because you are no respecter of persons. I thank you because you hear all prayers and answer them according to your will. I thank you because you are merciful. I thank you because you defend those who need it. I thank you because you render justice.
I ask that the protection you have commanded over the city of San Francisco, its inhabitants, and its visitors manifest in the here and now in the physical realm. I ask for supernatural protection over the city, the inhabitants, and its visitors. I ask that you help law enforcement do their jobs. I ask that people with the power to stop the planned attacks use that power to do so. I ask that you soften hearts and minds and gently nudge people to draw closer to you through Christ Jesus. In Jesus name I pray. Amen. November 20, 2017 at 2:36 AM
Lisa said… Lord, we ask you to protect your people in San Fransico and all over the world. Amen November 20, 2017 at 2:53 AM
Wasan said… I …

Drink & Drugs... as well as the wrong boy...

As we here know Demi Lovato, is all over the joint...
But it seems things are going from bad to worse. She almost has her own spot on here. I think she should get a new hairdresser or at least... New hair products. Why? Well, wherever she goes. She leaves a trail of dandruff. Not very nice. Not to mention the itching.. ha ha.. Oh, well. Then there’s the “BOYFRIEND” and his PREACHERfriend. AKA scumbag fake Jesus freak.... Not going to end well, in anyway shape or form....

Meme of the Day

Prayer Chain COMMENTS

Hi Gang its me again. So this time I cant take the blame. The blog for some bloody reason decided to remove most of the comments from the Prayer Chain... ?  Well if i was sleep walking then I’m guilty... But I dont sleep walk.. So. Somethings fishy. If you wish to re comment please do.. I have tried to find then but can’t . Interesting though how only the Prayer Chain comments where removed. Dark forces at work I think. But they won’t win. Let’s all comment again, even just re sending your original ones. I show the buggars. Thanks for your love and support. The BASTARDS won’t stop us CDxxxxx


We all know that ben affleck has had his issues with his addictions.Apparently the bottle is back big time. With the help of a “friend”. NOT A FRIEND. If he doesn’t go to rehab, ASAP. He’s going to be in deep do do. Xmas/new year. Fingers crossed...


GOD HELP US...... January 21st 2017 As you may have seen ........ This is Paula White-Cain. She's one of those mega pastors. You know. SEND ME YOUR MONEY........ So that I may live in great tax free wealth. While, you sruggle... Well, she is "Babyfarts'" Spiritual Advisor. WTF.............. He'd be better advised by Charles Manson......... (Gone soon) She's going to be bad news for the Whitehouse...... 

Monday Meme of the Day

Prayer chain for San Francisco

I ask for light and protection. To surround San Francisco and it’s people. So that the planned troubles. That those that wish to hurt. This amazing City and residents. In the coming days. Be stopped and/or fail. Please add your name and thoughts and prayer. In the comments below. We can do this. We of light are stronger that those of the dark.

Well, well, Mr Showbiz..

It seems that Mr Ryan “ I am showbiz” Seacreast”,  isn’t that squeaky clean. As we have been led to believe. Mind you “WE” have known that for years. A stylist has come forward to state as such. Well, there’s more to come. Personally i cant wait but he must be shaking in his Gucci slippers.