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Photoshop least of her worries...

Everyone seems to be having a go at Mariah,  for "editing" her pics. For Gods sake, they all do it. What she needs to be concerned about is her health. Her mental health. She is tittering on the edge of the abyiss. Seems no one her team, cares................. Of course not....... Shes their payroll. But someone better, or no payroll.
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Engaged or Not....

The rumour mills are a buzz that Prince Harry,  has already asked.  "Actress" Meghan Markle to marry him. Seems she accepted. BUT.......... The engagement won't be annouced till December. Maybe so........... But getting to the altar is a very different thing. She's yet to win over the top courtiers. Now that is one major block. But, should he go ahead with this. I give you one word.... "FERGIE"

BF Hump day meme

Drum Roll

She's back.... TW will return Wednesday... "YEAH"

I wannbe the "Son" of a Preacher Man...

Justin Bieber appears to have a crush on,  Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz... Well, that'sonethingto call it. This pastor is a complete fraud. It's all about the dosh. Plus ??? There's no way JB will listen,  to anyone about this crook. Well, JB is in for a nasty shock in the coming months. Let's hope it's not too  late,  when he does get his eyes opened.

BF bonus Meme, couldn't resist

BF Meme of the day.. Idiot Idea