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Showing posts from May 29, 2010

"Shushybye" you heard it here 1st......

Parents, I have watched the development of "Shushybye's" for the last couple of years.
I knew from the moment I first saw "Shushybye'" that not only would this be huge......
But that it would also be wonderful for the development of the Children of the World"
Watch for the "Shushybye Tour" coming to a city near you.
As you know I never recommend stuff.
But this is the exception.

50 Cents ="Oscar"

50 cent the rapper/actor.
Has dropped over 100lbs.
For a part in a movie.
About a footballer fighting cancer.
"Oscar" calling.......NOT ! He must beware of driving summer 2012.

What a divorce, Why ?

Ashley Cole, footballer, 
member of the England team.
Is shocked that his wife 
Cheryl Cole.
Has filed divorce papers.
What a dick.
In true passive/aggressive form......
He'll wait till she's a low point.
Then move in to get her back.
Just to then dump her later,