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Showing posts from July 24, 2010

Wesley +Evasion + IRS = Jail.........

Actor etc Wesley Snipes..... Took on the IRS ( silly boy) He lost. He was convicted of tax evasion. He got three years. He appealed.......... Claiming he is a family man, educated, etc etc. He lost......... He's appealing again. He's going to jail. By the way he "evaded" to the amount of $11 million.

Lohan latest

Scumbag father of all time, Micheal Lohan......... Is hoping to see his daughter in "clinky", this weekend. Not going to happen.......... Why? Well Lindsay has a restraining order against him. So by law he isn't going to get in. So he has decided to ask a higher power for help. I am assuming he means some kind of dope, etc. But he still isn't going to get in to see her. But if he waits a couple of years. He'll see her in all her glory in Playboy.