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Told YA... Wedding OFF.............., December 28, 2010
Thank God for the little blue pill.

Hugh Hefner 84 is to be married again.
(won't happen)For the third time.....Over the holidays he got engaged,to his latest girlfriend.Crystal Harris 24.Looks as though the 60 year age difference doesn't bother them.Don't you just love the "Sanctity of marriage".I wonder what the right wing religious nut jobs think.But watch for her to re appear in 2012.

Hugh Hefner Told YA......, April 12, 2010
83 & 23 = I don't think so ..
Hugh Hefner 83 yr marry his new playmate.Crystal Harris 23 yr old.I don’t think so.He’s too smart,She’s too dumb.Plain & Simple………

Still not sorry.......

 Tracy Morgan is going to speak,(No doubt at the urging of his PR people)to parents of LGBT kids who lost their lives due to bullying.In an attempt to apologize, for his Anti Gay hate filled rant the other day.Well if that's how he wants to play it.......I don't believe a word that he says.Let's see how he feels when he sees his career, or what's left of it. Go down the drain, where it belongs.Too little, too late.......Bro........