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Showing posts from June 28, 2011

Now she's hearing voices........(that's my job)

Michelle Bachman who just the other day, announced that she is going to run for President of the United Sates of America.(which is bad enough)She won't get past the 1st round. Now she claims that God called her to do so......Who knew God had a phone......Let alone that God is a Republican.I think God should call Houdini to see if he could borrow his straight jacket for her.But wait till 2013....... 

Of Paramount importance.......

Well. you have to take my 
Psychic word on this.
But let's just say......
That it will be a very super busy time, at a certain movie studio.
This Wednesday and Thursday.....
Not too far,
from where I am writing this.
But what is produced,
will prove to be a 
Just remember you all heard it here first.