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Told Ya..Lot's more to come P.M,

Sunday, May 23, 2010 Just waiting...... David Cameron Britain's
fill in Prime Minister.
Is on a beating to nowhere.
He is so "Ivory Towered"
He truly doesn't have a clue.
Wait till summer of 2011.
When the cracks appear 
& the towers begin to fall.
Big business will be the cause.
God, help the Brits.

Oscar, Oscar, Oscar..........

Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher. In a movie to be released very soon. About the days running up to the Falklands War. As you can see from the pic. The boys and girls in hair and make up did an amazing job. Smells like an "Oscar" to me......... As well as a "GG" 

For Kate.........

This is Jensen Button. Race car driver...... I think he has at least one more   "Big Win" left in him. I wonder if his Mum & Dad, knew that when they called him  "Jensen"  he'd race cars?