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Told Ya......Jordan & Toyboy bye bye

Monday, March 7, 2011
Speaky no English........ Katie Price aka Jordan.Is all in a thither as she awaits the arrival. In the UK of her lastest beauArgentinian hunkLeandro Penna.He is the male model/actor that she picked up for a one night stand.In West Hollywood, after the Oscars.At Sir Elton John's party.She is a little nervous that he doesn't speak English....Neither does she...So it's a perfect match.......Hope he isn't expecting a Xmas pressie.

Told YA Chris Brown flings open the closet

Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Tears of a clown......... Disgraced popstar & closet case I'm not Gay Chris Brown,,,,,,
Broke down during his performance,
as part of a Michael Jackson tribute.
At the BET awards over the weekend.
What a pile of Bollocks.
He was just play acting, plain and simple.
He needs to stay out of trouble in 2012.Or else............