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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Closer and closer....

Rapper & gutter snipe, 
Kanye West.
Who at the moment is still dating 
Kim Kardashian.
(Although personally I think it's a PR stunt).
Has not only admitted to the sex tape with a "Kim" lookalike.
But he brags there are in fact two tapes.
Well the end of his career and so called relationship get's even nearer.
PS He's told Kim she has to slim down.
Who does he think he is God, probably.


Anonymous said...

I thought he was the one feeding her. I read he put her on the master cleanse. Many people do not know you have to be on another cleanse before AND after you do the master cleanse. That is why people feel sicker and gain more weight once it is over.

You have to prepare your body for it beforehand and reintroduce solid food afterward.

You can tell by Kim's figure her body is not meant to be hollywood thin. No, I am not calling her fat. I am saying Kanye is dumb if he cannot see this. T. W.

Anonymous said...

I just wish these people would go away. KW is nearly always photographed with a grimace on his face, and it's deliberate. Is angry cool? And any boyfriend "putting" a girl on a diet is an abusive jerk. However, I think that's a fabrication, and just a ploy to get us to look at her.