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Heading for a breakdown........

Over the last few days my favourite Lesbian 
Justin Bieber.
Has been tweeting half naked pics of himself, sprawled across a bed.
The latest is the one above with his 
new crown tattoo.
This child is on the wrong path.
Someone needs to step in and give him 
some rules.
Or the next set of pics he'll be doing a 
Prince Harry.


Anonymous said…
I can see the cry for help in this photo. Jesus help!!! T. W.
Story behind these pictures of him posing shirtless, and whatever else, is because he was, and still is losing to One Direction in a poll contest that is currently being held on "The Most Shared Video", he obviously feels threatened by these new teen heartthrobs, he has EVERY right to feel threatened, they have had a huge following in such a short time, it's honestly crazy. On the other hand Selena seems to be doing quite well, alot of buzz about her upcoming movies, and I feel like this relationship could be over any day now.
Anonymous said…
If he had talent he would not have to do this. He sang at the Apollo Theater a few minths ago. The power went out and the poor child could not carry a tune. I feel that Selena Gomez is just a piece of booty to him. At least she's not Miley Cyrus. T. W.
I think you honestly hit it right on its head, when you said she is just basically a side piece for him. I don't think there is too much concrete feelings between them, they both have benefited from this pairing, but now I feel like this "relationship" has ran its course and will probably come to an abrupt ending. Also if this is how desperate Justin gets just because he's losing a stupid poll, just imagine how he'll be when he starts to seriously fade and move on to the next big thing ... Jeez

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