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Kanye and Kim the end is near......

It seems that there is a sex tape of 
Kanye West & a "Kim" lookalike.
Some kind of bidding war is taking place over it.
Which guarantees trouble.
It's going to be fun.
See I always Told Ya ! 
It wouldn't last.


Anonymous said…
If you have to make a sex tape you either want money, blackmail material, or the act was so bad you won't be able to remember it without the tape.

I wonder if she really is a look a like. In any case I am sick of these sick ppl and will be glad when the cult of celebrity is kaput.

Love the photo. T. W.
Sandy said…
CD I cant wait for this to go down!

HI TW.. how are you tonight??
Anonymous said…
Hi Sandy. Many blessings to you and for you! I am doing ok and I hope you are well. I am looking forward to the Kartrashian downfall. Christian said it is coming soon, but not soon enough for ppl like us. Goodnight all! : ) T. W.

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