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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kettle calling Pot..........

WTF Lindsay Lohan is all upset and complaining to anyone in earshot.
That Amanda Bynes isn't in jail.
Lindsay believes that Amanda is getting 
special treatment.
Like you didn't Lindsay.
You need to shut up.
Before people realize what a self centred bitch 
you really are.
Just wait till you are arrested next time Lindsay 
( which you be ).
Then see how you feel........


Anonymous said...

She's no better than a Kartrashian anymore. Mean Girls was in 2004. Prairie Home Companion was in 2006. All she's really done for the past six years is party and morph into a criminal. If she doesn't go to prison, she'll OD, or become a yacht girl like Tara Reid.

Anonymous said...

Prayer works wonders but God will not force anyone to receive his help. T. W.

Anonymous said...

Amanda should sue for slander. Lindsay is rotten.

Anonymous said...

If Lindsay prays, it's only a Santa Claus thing. She worships things material. The only certain thing here is that Lindsay and her parents are tied to one another (previous incarnation didn't go well), and they are not learning.

Anonymous said...

She was arrested today for a hit and run!

Anonymous said...

. . . and, early this morning, Lindsay hit a pedestrian and left the scene of an accident, for which she was arrested. She has messed up her karma very, very badly. Somewhere, Amanda Bynes is smiling. The pedestrian will sue her and win. The video/story about her demanding "move that cone" is going to come back to haunt her.

Anonymous said...

Why did she do that to her face???? She was beautiful at one time, now she looks like a nasty clown. Go to prison, Lindsay. It's time.