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Beyonce touchdown.......

Mega Diva Beyonce.
Has been signed to do the half time show for the XLVII Superbowl.
Thank God.
At least we will have a reason to watch.
What's more it'll be the most successful show ever  in Superbowl history.
Watch out for "DC" to appear.


Anonymous said…
I just don't get her appeal. Don't like her or her music.
Kayla Studavent said…
I can say she's a great performer compared to a lot of other "artists" out there now a days, but I do think she's over rated. Well, great for her.
Anonymous said…
I want to know if the rumor that she is not really singing is true. Some rumors claim it is Kelly Rowland's voice. Other reports claim Solange is doing the singing. Makes sense because she is related to them both and rhinoplasty can alter your voice. I do know that when she was with Destiny's Child you could tell it was Latoya Luckett doing the singing.

I want to know when she will come clean about her old age. Gabrielle Union proved on national television that they went to high school together. She graduated, Beyonce did not. Gabrielle will turn 40 years old at the end of the month (October 29, 1972 )according to wikipedia. Wikipedia also claims Beyonce is 31 years old (September 4, 1981) despite the fact that Gabrielle Union showed her high school yearbook on national television and a quick search of Texas public records pertaining to Beyonce show back up her claim. I wonder what is on her passport?

When is Beyonce going to come clean about her first pregnancy and abortion? When is she going to come clean and admit she is not a born-again Christian.

I know someone is thinking, "these celebs thank god, etc." Guess what? Almost everyone believes in a god. Not everyone believes in Jesus. What god are they thanking?

Just my thoughts. I wonder what Christian has to say. T. W.

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