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Monday, October 22, 2012

Donald PLEASE DO..........

Rich Trailer Park Trash gutter snipe 
Donald Trump.
( In the UK  Trump is what you call a baby's fart )
Is threatening to announce a bomb shell for President Obama on Wednesday.
So he baby's fart says.
Well I pray he does.
Well it will have completely the opposite effect that he thinks it will....
Go Baby's Fart Go..........


Anonymous said...

Good Lord, that hair. Why?

Obama's going to win.

Sandy said...

THANK YOU CHRISTIAN for this prediction! THANK YOU!! That picture is classic.
Watching the debate. Romney is weak! Obama is doing extremely well!!
Love it.. Go Obama GO!!

Sandy said...

Christian Dahhhhling.. thank you so much for this prediction. It has been on my mind all day.
I am glad to know it will back fire HAAAAAAAAAAA
Watching the debate now. Romney is on the ropes. Obama will win for sure. Your prediction will happen about the election. Oh what a shock. You are amazing.. Loving you from New York!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope he does too C. Trump is even more ridiculous than his hair. M x

Anonymous said...

Hi Christian. Thank you for calling a spade a spade (tellling it like it is). I might have to watch the debate repeat on PBS. Thank God Romney hasn't killed that.
Sending love and positive thoughts your way. T. W.

Anonymous said...

Christian you are the best - I love your blog. Thanks for this prediction - I'm a nervous wreck about this election. I love President Obama and am dumbfounded by this election. This country was a disaster 4 years ago and he brought us back from the brink. Mitt Romney last night at debate #3 suddenly was in favor of peace! 3 weeks ago he was a war monger who hated Russia. Mitt Romney just lies from week to week.

Now I can't wait until Trump screws up the Romney campaign. I'd love to see the idiocy of the Republicans back-fire against themselves for once.

Love your blog - from New York!


Sandy said...

Christan!! I just saw on a website that Trump ding bat is going to say tomorrow Barack and Michelle once were going to get a divorce and has the proof. If this is true ...SO F What!!
What an idiot.
No one cares. What an idiot. I care about not getting rid of my mortgage interest deduction. Loser..
Bring it on bitch