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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Not so easy now.......

Many moons ago Mitt Romney.
Kinda did a favour for a friend.
Nothing wrong with that you say, true.
However the friend was the founder of Staples.
The favour was to lie under oath on video at a deposition.
In regard the the value of Staples.
In his friends nasty divorce battle.
Mitt, ever the true friend said that 
"That he thought Staples was more or less worthless"
Which lead to the now ex wife of the friend, not being able to get her share of the Staples worth. 
In her settlement.
Now I know you may have seen most of that during the day on the news.
Which goes to show what a liar Romney is.
But you just wait till the rest of it all comes out by the weekend.
It make today's news look like a wet special offer flyer for a pack of erasers.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous! Thank you, Christian!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Well, I hope the ex-wife can get the money that she was entitled to. I also pray that justice is coming and people get what they deserve.

Stories like this make me angry. If Romney's goose isn't cooked, when will it be? I hope his wife doesn't file for divorce. You know she won't get anything. I wonder what he would say if this happened to his daughter, his mother, etc. T. W.

Sandy said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Christian! Please let this show the man's true colors to those middle class voters he wants to crush.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Christian, for reporting things like they are. We need a voice of honesty.