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Told Baby Fart (Trump) speaks

Here's the BIG announcement that Fart face says will change the outcome of the election !!! Well he maybe right, but not the direction he wants.......

Monday, October 22, 2012

Donald Please do.....
Rich Trailer Park Trash gutter snipe 
Donald Trump.
( In the UK  Trump is what you call a baby's fart )
Is threatening to announce a bomb shell for President Obama on Wednesday.
So he baby's fart says.
Well I pray he does.
Well it will have completely the opposite effect that he thinks it will....
Go Baby's Fart Go..........


Anonymous said…
This is Trump's way of proving or disproving Obama's citizenship. Who has a copy of their applications? Nobody. I hope the President can prove his citizenship so the charity can get money. T. W.
Sandy said…
The president of the United States does not have to prove anything to anyone. Why would anyone want to prove ANYTHING to Donald Trump. Who made him head Bitch in Charge! He should donate the 5 million to a charity and go have a seat and STFU.
Yes and Christian you are 100 percent right. A lot of people are seeing the con man for what he really is. Just a big mouth.. Backlash is rising!! HAAAAAAAAAA

CD -- some other earthquake happened today so youre right AGAIN

Secondly, There is a hurricane hitting Jamaica right now called Sandy. And yep great my name Is Sandy and that is where I was born. classic!!

OH and Christian THANK YOU .. your blog rocks!! Very accurate!!
Love from NY..

Anonymous said…
Hi Sandy. I am glad you are having a great day.

We are way past the point of Obama proving he is a natural born citizen as he has been President for one term already. Having said that, the U. S. Constitution does not define natural born citizen per se. However it can be inferred that someone has to have been born on U. S. or at sea to parents who are natural born U. S. citizens or were citizens ar the time the Constitution was drafted. We do know that Obama has dual citizenship status unless he denounced it (His father was born in Kenya, which was under British rule at the time). Even if he proved once and for all that he was born in Hawaii, he is not legally a natural born citizen.

So what am I saying? I am agreeing with you and I think we are past the point of caring where Obama was born. That ship has sailed. Literally.

Obama over Romney any day.

T. W.
Anonymous said…
Christian - you are right again! Trumps "big announcement" (ha!) was today and all day he was being mocked for it. It did backfire as you said. "The Daily Beast" has decided not to run stories about him at all until after the election. Stephen Colbert tonight ripped Trump to shreds for being such a fool. It's wonderful!

To Sandy's point above ... Trump doesn't have 5 million dollars. He couldn't write that check if there was a gun to his head. Trump has bankruptcy's all over the place and is on a sad reality show on TV. He's a complete JOKE.

Anonymous said…
I didn't know Trump was bankrupt. Hmmm. . .

I hope Sandy is having a fabulous week. Hurricane Sandy is expected to be strong and dangerous.

I made a misleading comment earlier in response to Sandy. At the end of the second paragraph, I stated President Obama is not a natural born citizen. What I SHOULD HAVE said was, "following the logic that one is a natural born U. S. citizen only if both parents are natural born U. S. citizens, President Obama is a U.S. citizen but not considered a natural born citizen."

The U.S. Constitution does not flat out define what a natural born citizen is, but if you read the next sentence it can be deduced that if someone was born on U.S. soil or at sea and one or both parents were not, then that person cannot be considered a natural born citizen.

I still say that at this point, it does not matter especially since the language is somewhat ambiguous. Obama over Romney any day.

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