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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Breakdown ahead

Here's the latest self published pic 
of my favourite lesbian.
Justin Bieber.
Seems he likes to look at himself in the mirror 
at the gym.
If he thinks this will make the ladies swoon, duh.......
More like the pic will be doing the rounds on the "Gay" sites.
Oh well, closet door or breakdown.
My bets on the breakdown first........


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Seems like Justin likes "candy canes." Explains the fake girlfriend. I don't know of any straight men that take pictures of themselves like this. You would think Justin knows what he looks like, especially since he is in front of a mirror. Maybe he is comparing himself to the Just-In Beaver "love doll?" T. W.

Kayla Studavent said...

I actually feel "some" sympathy for the kid, have you ever read up on his parents before? You probably should, his dad is a pretty rough and messed up guy, his mom does has been sexually abused, overall you can say his parents have issues, and obviously now so does he - with his sexuality and image. I always wondered why he takes so many useless pictures of himself, just out of boredom, praise from his fans, or just could be a mixture of both. I say he should take some needed time for himself, away from the spotlight.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kayla. I didn't know all of this. You are right. I pray Justin takes time to live like the average person so he can get his head on straight. T. W.