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Clearly BRAINWASHED.......

Actor Angus T Jones 
who plays the son/nephew in 
Two and a Half Men.
Who has appeared on a video with the 
nut job leader of the cult.
Forerunner Church.
Who believes that Pres Obama is Hitler.!!!!!!!
Claiming that 
Two and a half Men 
is vile etc etc.
Needs help.
Someone needs to step in.
Where's the parents.
These Cult nutjobs are just after his money.
How about the producers of the show 
get him some help.
Or this will end in the Mortuary.


Anonymous said…
My little sister joked he would be better off with Scientology.

I saw this on Gawker but have yet to watch the video. All of the commenters were concerned for Angus. If he knew anything about the history of the SDA church he would run.

I wonder if Angus still cashes the checks CBS gives him. I wonder if the church takes their money. The SDA church preaches the law of Moses still applies. If they take his money they are breaking the law of Moses.

Jesus deliver him! T. W.
Anonymous said…
Had another thought. As a Christian Angus must keep his word (contractual obligation). He is entitled to his opinions but I do not think he has thought some things through. T. W.

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