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Monday, November 26, 2012

Jennifer Garner BEWARE.......

Mrs Affleck 
better beware.
Home wrecker 
Kristen Stewart 
is soon to work with 
Ben Affleck 
in a movie called 
Mrs Affleck 
better tighten the leash ha ha.
ps all this gossip of 
KS & RP 
being batter together.....BS. 
In regard to Mr Affleck.
He'll be delighted with all the awards in 2013.


Anonymous said...

Kristin ought to be ashamed of herself. I think Ben has been cheating for years. If anyone knows where the real men are please holler back because I am single. T. W.

Anonymous said...

Does kristen have a boyfriend now? In an interview, kristen's mum said "kristen's fallin in love". Whom is she fallin in love with? thanx CD.

Christian Dion said...


Anonymous said...

CD, is ben-jennifer marriage gonna be wrecked by kristen?

Sandy said...

LOL too funny

Anonymous said...

Hollywood thoroughly corrupts people. These people think they are a god to be worshipped. Another reason to keep minors out of show business. T. W.

Anonymous said...

"Being batter together." What does this mean? (I'm American). If typo of, "better together" I'm still not sure what you mean by that.

Are they even together? I assumed they were just friends now promoting their movie and making $$$

Christian Dion said...

my play on words UK humour

Elle said...

If Rob and Kristen getting back together is PR how come they were photographed by a fan going to London for thanksgiving and then also by paparazzi landing in new york a few days ago (without bodyguards or their "people"), when the promo is OVER? They're done promoting and went on their own will! You think they send them away on little trips together for PR? They didn't even get thanksgiving off?
They were also spotted kissing and embracing on the balcony of their house, you probably think they set that up or? They've been talking about their dogs and how and when they got them in interviews during promo. You don't buy a dog together unless you are living together and in a realtionship. Do you think people told them to go buy a dog because it will make the movie sell better? Seriously, there is no PR, just give up.

Christian Dion said...

In a free world of course you entitled to your opinion but just to let you know I predicted she would cheat many months before she did, and she did. Everything in Hollywood is PR there are no accidental photographs by fans etc that make the press it's all PR.....

Christian Dion said...

PS The dogs business more than likely rented, you can rent anything in Hollywood even wives,husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends beards.absolutely ANYTHING

Anonymous said...

Thank you Christian for telling the truth.

Dear Elle, if you will not believe Christian, then believe this:

The tabloids themselves have admitted that the "stars" hire them to take their photographs and write flattering stories about them. There are many documentaries detailing how the Old Hollywood studio system wrote articles about their stars, set people up on dates, and even set up marriages. Rock Hudson is a good example. Michael Jackson gave The National Enquirer his infamous hyperbaric chamber photograph. He understood that people have an appetite for the bizarre and the salacious. I bet you think he got married out of love.

This still happens and many gossip sites and stars themselves have said this. T. W.

Anonymous said...

Hey Christian you were right about him winning awards in 2012 how come you didnt mark it in red like the rest of your predictions