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Need to take care.....

As those of you who are regulars on this site.
You know, I said as far back as when 
President Obama was elected fours years ago, 
he would get another term.
Now that has come true.
Here's something that hopefully the powers 
that be will take note of.
There is a someone out there 
(well more than one a group).
Who have a set of silver bullets.
Sadly, they plan to use them on the President.
So even if you don't believe in what I do.
Please double up President Obama security.


Sandy said…
I believe this to be true!!
Emily said…
I am always amazed by how accurate you are, but on this occasion I really do hope you are wrong :( especially as in another prediction you mentioned a state funeral in Washington this there any way you can contact officials about this or will they just brush you off?
Christian Dion said…
HI Emily I too hope that I am wrong with this one. If I were to call DC no one would listen, So sometimes this is the way to get the right person to take notice
Emily said…
Very frustrating. Well hopefully they will increase security anyway, given the reaction of some opposing 'big names' and what with the pop' vote being such a close call. If anything bad happens to Obama, all hell will break loose! Can't even imagine (don't want to). Hopefully the right people will see your prediction on here.
Anonymous said…
I hope security for our President is very high. For our nation and for his family, I pray and visualize our President being well and safe.
Anonymous said…
Hi Christian. I believe you. My little sister said she dreamt he was assassinated. It is no accident the secret service is scandal ridden lately.

We can make intessessory prayer to the Lord God. I will pray for his salvation and the salvationof his family as well. T. W.
Sandy said…
No rest.. for the wary.. CD WTH with the CIA director. Can't I have any downtime lol. This is going to get bigger.
I really just want to watch HOMELAND ON TV not on CNN. damnnnnnn damnnnnnnnn damnnnn

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