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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Put them away Dear.......

Madonna's latest ad campaign for her scent
 Truth or Dare.
Shows her............
Well, it'll be a flop.
So watch out for it in a 99c store 
near you in the New Year.


Sandy said...


and by the way as I said to you guys before. Get a reading with Christian. There is a delay in something he predicted. OH WHY am I shocked!!
CD you are amazing..
OMG Guess what..
I had a feeling about a co worker of mine. And it was playing in my head over and over. I was thinking he was going to call in sick and it bugs me because I am his backup. I don't mind but its a 6 am client that takes me 1.5 hours to get to. Well wouldn't you know it he called in sick. I didn't go as I am still sick. yay
The point is Christian told me to listen to my thoughts. I get a lot of messages. Well today I did and I predicted the ding bat would be out and he was.
CD you were right again..

Anonymous said...

I wish Madonna would disappear.

Hi Sandy. I am having problems with my church home. We are getting unscriptural advice. I thought to myself, we would be better off going to a psychic. I have talked to God and am seriously considering talking to Christian. T. W.

Sandy said...

you should speak to Christian.. its one of the best things I ever did..

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy! I'm saving my pennies. Just a matter of time! T. W.