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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Told YA More charges for NOTW & gang

Friday, December 23, 2011

That old sinking feeling..........

Piers "Lardyface" Morgan.
Seems to be getting into ever deeper water.
He's had to testify in the phone hacking scandal 
in the UK.
Well he may think he's in the clear.
But it is going to get even deeper the water Piers.
Better start taking swimming lesson.
Mind you, you are bloated enough both 
in body and ego.
So maybe you will just float through it.
But 2012 for The Sun/NOTW newspaper will 
be really troubling as police arrest 
more and more 
journalists and "Pals"


Anonymous said...

I find this man to be rude. I haven't liked him since the interview he had with Jesse Ventura. He called Jesse a coward, a special OPS guy, and he called him a coward???

Anonymous said...

Piers belonged on America's Got Talent. I think Howard Stern is funnier anyway. His book was gross but I did laugh hard. T. W.