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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You are going soon.......

Loud mouth moron & media whore.
Donald " Baby Fart " Trump
Is about to get his marching orders from.
Ha ha ha ha ........


Sandy said...

GOOD BYE ASSHOLE RACIST!! Christian waving from NY. I signed the petition at signon.org Best news all night WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
DUMP TRUMP You just made my night. How dare you disrespect our president. Shut that ugly pie hole..

By the way anyone that hasn't had a reading with Christian. Please do so. I am taking your advice on the 2013 situation.. You are amazing your bredren Sandy in NY.

Christian Dion said...

Thanks Sandy get well soon Cx

Anonymous said...

I can't wait - it's nice when racist morons experience some kharma!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy. You are too funny! I pray for your health to be restored. Be blessed and stay blessed. T. W.

Sandy said...

uhmmmmm so I am going through Christian's blog. I see His reply to me says..get well soon. AT first I thought gee thanks.. Then the brain kicked in and I thought hmm did I post that I was sick on CD blog.
I went through the other blog entries I posted comments on. I didn't say I was sick heyyyyyyyyyyy how did you know. Psychic much. LMAO
Did I post that.. cue the twilight zone music. CD youre too funny. Thanks for the well wishes.
I am sick. I even got a temperature for three days now. Thanks TW..

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy. Please know you are loved and will be well soon in Jesus' name. T. W.