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Is it just me???????

Does this remind anyone else of another 
young out of control popstar.
Many moons ago.
Who also sat young boys on his lap, 
in matching outfits.
They do say history repeats itself.
Let's hope not.


Kayla Studavent said…
Oh my goodness Christian this is really worrying me now, I just think he needs to get out of the spotlight before it's too late, I don't think he's going to though. That would be so horrible :(.
Anonymous said…
Hi Christian,

I know this is VERY off topic here, but..I am going through a bit of a crisis right now. I am facing court time due an eviction and I feel like I am at really at a loss right now. I feel everything is out of control in my life. On top of that I'm lonely, broke and feeling anxious about the new year. Will this get any BETTER! Please HELP... My name is Errin.
Christian Dion said…
Hi Errin Well the good news is that 2012 is nearly over .Thank God......Even though things are a the bottom at the moment, this will bring about the changes that you need, and that you need to make. So yes things are CRAP. BUT 2013 WILL TRUN EVRYTHING AROUND, EVEN TOUGH IT DOES START ON A LOW. STICK WITH IT. C
Anonymous said…
Hi Erin. Many blessings to you.

I know what you are going through. I have just said a prayer for you. Jesus loves you and is helping you. His light shines the brightest when it is dark. T. W.
Anonymous said…
I hope the photographer took that photo at a bad angle because Justin's hand is in an "odd" position.

I hope Justin used poor judgement and decided to put a fan who just happened to be wearing a similar outfit on his lap so the kid could see better.

Just recently P. Diddy (pedophile diddy) admitted to sharing a bed with an underage Usher. He caught himself but Kevin Hart didn't let the comment go.

I do recall Usher talking about the "parties" at Diddy's mansion. He was underage when he participated.

I mention this because Justin is Usher's protege. I have prayed for them both. If they do not want to stop doing bad things God will not force them. We all have a choice.

2012 is almost over. You are all blessed and loved. T. W.
Anonymous said…
Hi! It's Errin here! I just want to thank you ALL for your words of healing and prayers! You guys have no idea how much this means to me. The past few months have been the hardest for me, but I have faith deep inside my weary soul. God bless you all! And into the new year! A very special thanks to Christian!
Kayla Studavent said…
I noticed his hands too, we could very well be looking at some evidence, this is so disturbing.
Anonymous said…
Hi Erin! Whenever you pray, thank God for providing the help you just asked Him for. Ask Him to increase your capacity to receive everything He gave you. Above all else, ask Him for more of His wisdom and to tell you what to pray for. Even nonchristians have the right to ask that. T. W.
Anonymous said…
According to various websites, the child is the 3 year old son of NBA star Chris Paul. Justin was the child's babysitter and they had courtside seats.

I pray the matching outfits are coincidence. I know it is strange for a man to hold a child in his lap. Justin has made it known he loves kids. I hope he is not a pedo, but who knows? Maybe all the pot made his brain rot. T. W.

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