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Friday, December 21, 2012

Just Maybe......

Now that we have survived the predicted 
and feared end of the World.
Perhaps we turn that fear to care.
Worth a try. No?


Anonymous said...

I pray this happens. I was disappointed we are still here because I am tired of all the bad things going on. God is merciful and gracious. God bless us all and I pray Christian's dream comes true. T. W.

Sandy said...

TW-- you ok over there... Cant be dissapointed we are still here. Dont give up.. fight the good fight..

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy. Thank you for your kind words. I am tired of what is going on in the world. Like Jesus said, these things must come to pass before the end of the age. Well, I guess that means more time for me to do what God wants me to do. I am depressed about the negative things going on so I think I will get therapy. I can't even watch the news. God wants everyone to be happy and there is no shame in seeking help. I told my sister I was disappointed about Friday and she called me crazy. That is ok. I think I will rejoice over the good things in store. The Kartrashians' 15 minutes of fame is almost over. Now that's a reason to party!

Oh! I had a dream and my baby sister interpreted it (she has the gift). She said the Lord will turn things around for our family in 2013. Another reason to be happy (I'm still gonna go to therapy). Everyone stay blessed and know you are loved. T. W.

Sandy said...

TW your sister does have a point. You wanted the prophecy of the world ending come to pass. Meaning we all would die and the world would cease to exist.
Sounds like you are depressed. Dont sit waiting for a miracle from God. Create your own happiness. Sometimes listening to music or watching funny movies can change your mood. God helps those who help themselves. If your financial situation sucks then start planning on how you can change it.
I hope you dont take this the wrong way. However you have to make some changes. Good luck.