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No Grammy nods for JB.

My favourite Lesbian Justin Bieber.
Is all upset that his money machine didn't get nominated for a Grammy this year.
Well of course he is...
It's called commission.
Oh well looks like JB's Xmas pressie won't 
be a car this year then.
PS Told ya last year that this was the year that LB's career started to fail.


Kayla Studavent said…
And the people around him that kisses his butt all the time doesn't help either, comparing his success and talent to MJ, and The Beatles, Scooter Braun should be ashamed of himself, hyping Justin up like that, he's just there for the money.
Anonymous said…
Cannot stand him.
Anonymous said…
:-). I rememer Justin wants saying he would like to continue making 'timeless' music. In order, for that to happen, he would have to START making timeless music. It is a bit sad, because although his voice is ok, like millions of other voices around the world its not amazing. For a 17 year old kid to have an ego that big is beyond belief. Its not attractive in the slightest. Being brought down to earth would actually be the greatest blessing for him.

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