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Monday, December 31, 2012

Told Ya Sorry I got this right.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jiggle bells won't be ringing

So super tart Kim Kardashian and her latest beau Divo Kanye West.
Are to sell their LA houses and move in together.
Hope thay aren't planning to buy a Christmas tree.  Unless the silly bitch decides to get pregnant by this loser, for Xmas. 
Well then God Help the World.


Anonymous said...

I forgot about this one. I have q near impossible time searching prior predi tions on my "smart" phone.

In some states judges will throw out divorce proceedings if the woman is pregnant and the husband is presumed the child's father. I think it is the McNaughten rule.

Kim wants an annulment, but she just handed Kris Humphries his divorce settlement on a silver platter. T. W.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I've been to this site- and i must admit i love it! Although i do not really follow kin kardashian because I feel her and her family are simply annoying, I was really shocked to read that she was pregnant. Can you do a reading on them as a couple? The word is now that they will be getting married sometime next year, I am curious to know if it will last....Thanks

Christian Dion said...

She has to get a divorce first, but even if they marry it won't hit the one year anniversary

Anonymous said...

Is the kid even Kanye's?
I'm not sure I am reading the prediction right. Are you saying the current Kimye relationship won't make the one-year anniversary or that a marriage union between the two won't last a year?

T. W.

Christian Dion said...

Hi If they marry ?? it won't get to one year, mind you that's longer than her present marriage??? lasted ha ha

Anonymous said...

I remember reading something about him cheating on her so maybe that alone says a lot. Well this girl ever learn her lesson? She seems desperate

Anonymous said...

Hi. Thank you for clearing that up. It will be one year in March so the end is near. What will happen to the baby? I might sound mean but it would be better for the baby if she miscarried. T. W.