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Told Ya Take That OBE Gary......., May 10, 2010 Tea with Lillibet for Gary.........
Seems "Take That" boy band member  Gary Barlow.
Has been rubbing elbows, with the Queen.
The real one.
(Not those that manage boy bands).
She wants him to be her party planner.
For two big events.
Her 82nd birthday in 2011.
The other her Diamond Jubilee in 2012. Hope her QE2's hubby makes it that far. Hubby's health needs to be watched at Xmas.
I smell a knighthood. For Gary.  Or at least an OBE for starters.... Posted by Christian Dion at

Better hide again....

So John Travolta reappeared the other night to honour Shirley Maclaine. How nice. Well, things are about to get even worse.... If I were you John I would get in that jet of yours. Wait for the book in 2013, with all the dish about wanting to marry his boyfriend. But the "Cult" stopped him.

Told Ya Lindsay Lohan car crash.....

Saturday, March 31, 2012 Yeah right......... So Lindsay Lohan is finished  with her probation. Well, just wait six months. She should stay from behind the wheel too. Or she'll have a nasty smash...... Too much red aura around her. Posted by Christian Dion at