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Told Ya UFO bean spiller.......
Monday, July 12, 2010 It's started.......... A UFO closed down,Xiaoshan airport in China.So let's see if the try to explain, this one away as a weather balloon,solar eclipse, or space debris..........Ermmmmm.I think In 2012 someone who was there will spill then beans on a UFO cover up. Posted by Christian Dion at

Space the Autumn.

Here's a prediction for you.In the fall/autumn the spacefolks,  will find something. (TheWhitehouse)Then tell us at Xmas.Information that is not only amazing and history making.Connected to Mars Rover "The Curiosity"It will be a true once in a lifetime event.Which will really upset the right wing religious nut jobs.

WTF..silly bitch.

Just when you thought that "Octomom" aka Nayda Suleman.Couldn't stoop any lower.She does......She has offered herself to date for pay.Isn't that prostitution?This is going to be the nail in the coffin that gets the authorities to take the kids away for their own safety.Thank God.