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Closer and closer Lindsay... Monday, April 9, 2012 Clinky by Xmas....... Here we go again.
Just as you thought that Lindsay Lohan, 
may have gotten her life back on track.
She goes clubbing.
(Which she told the judge, that she no longer did).
Then ends up in a scrap in at 
a  Hollywood nightclub.
This girl just won't learn....... Posted by at Monday, April 09, 2012

Look out LA......

Just when you thought is was safe  to let the kids out,  to do their Christmas shopping  and go see Santa. She's back....... Superslut Paris Hilton  and her  "New" "boyfriend" model?  River Viper. Arrive at LAX. Dear God. Well it's not like this is a real relationship ha ha. Another PR stunt. Oh well, time to go to NY.