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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dear Leo fans......

The rumour mills are a buzz.
That Leo DiCaprio is taking a long break 
from acting.
After three major roles back to back.
But please don't fret..
His holiday won't last the year.


Anonymous said...

Oh good. I'm sure he is tired right now but he is rarely able to stay away from work for long. I'm hoping for a new film with him and Kate soon. Any chance?

Anonymous said...

2013-14 could be quite something for Leo. Of course, 2 lead roles could split any votes. His Gatsby is likely to get attention and yet I heard that he thinks his work in 'Wolf of Wall Street' is his best. It would seem appropriate if it was his work with Scorsese that reaped rewards ...
Film Fan

Christian Dion said...

Once she gets rid of the moron husband

Anonymous said...

I hope Kate does n't take too long to get rid of her ridiculous husband then because I really enjoy Leo and Kate on screen together. I do wish he'd get as much professional recognition as she does though. H.H.

Anonymous said...

Glad he won't be away from work for long. His slate has been cleared. Can't wait to see what entices him back to work. I too would like to see more films starring him and Kate Winslet. Hopefully that's not too far down the road. JP

Anonymous said...

He has 2 big releases this year so he will have promo work to do for those so we will see him around for that at least. I wonder which performance the powers that be in Hollywood will prefer - Gatsby or Wolf of Wall Street? What do you think Christian???

Oh and more Leo and Kate on screen - I'd hope that happens sooner rather than later. 10-11 years passed between their two previous collaborations after all. Stevie