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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mark of the Beast.......

The happiest place on Earth.
The Disney folks are about to start trials of.
 " MyMagic+" which involves " Magicbands " 
that visitors wear.
These bands, are how you pay for everything in the park, and they also track which rides you are on, have been on etc.
In a nutshell a way that Disney can make the experience better.
Plus it stops the ticket touts/cheats.
Good Idea, Right?
Well, the right wing religious nutjobs.
See this as the 
So expect all kinds of crap from them.

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Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, the Roman Emperor Nero's address was 666. Since he was emperor he was the government. I think he was ruler at the time John wrote what most of us call The Book of Revelation (its true title is The Book of the Apocalypse). T. W.